Why you need to visit Florence

Florence conjures imagery of ancient medieval banking systems, beautiful art that stands the test of time. Florence was an economic, political and cultural powerhouse from medieval times to the renaissance and, as a result is one of the most fascinating places in Europe to visit. Florence is dripping in rich historical culture and art and is a must for any history or art buff.

The climate in Florence tends to be mild and so is a ? suitable destination for those that wish to travel all year round. Florence tends to have very hot summers, with June and July being hot. Do bear in mind that, in August, many choose to holiday elsewhere to escape the scorching summers. In general, September and October are much more pleasant, and cooler, times to visit the city. Venere have some great offers for holidays to Florence.

1. ? ? ? Michealango’s David

One of the most famous sculptures in the world, and the one that continues to leave those that see it in utter awe is Michaelangelo’s David. The original plan for David was for him to be part of a series of statues that lined the Florence Cathedral. Such was his appeal that he placed in the city centre for all to admire and adore. David represented many of the civil liberties that the people of Florence wanted and became an icon for those who wanted to overthrow hegemonic rule. You can visit the statue in its final resting place at Galleria dell’Accademia.

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With thanks to Filip for the image of David

2. ? ? ? Palazzo Pitti

The Pitti Palace as it is now know was once the home of the grand dukes of Tuscany, now it is home to Florence’s great art history, including paintings, sculptures ? and costumes. The grand setting of these famous art pieces is as stunning as the art it exhibits. The palace grounds are set against the picturesque backdrop of Florentine scenery. In short, it is breathtaking and awe inspiring and is an absolute must for those travelling to Florence.

3. ? ? ? The Historic Centre of Florence

The Historic Centre of Florence is a UNESCO World Heritage site and should be made a rite of passage for any history lover. Put simply, the historic quarter is beautiful and is essentially considered the home of the Renaissance. This was the home to the all powerful banking dynasty, the Medici, and was the birthplace of economics and politics. The surrounding hills set the scene amid the gorgeous medieval, European architecture.

4. ? ? ? San Marco

This religious complex, in a previous life, was once a convent. Now, it is a museum that once housed many famous artists in the course of its long history. The museum is now home to many religious works of art. Even for those who are not theologians, will appreciate the beauty and the complexity, as well as the stories, that the art portrays.

Florence simply is a truly stunning place for the most ardent of history fanatics. Should your interests lie in medieval and renaissance art, then this is the place for you, although there is something for everyone, even if it is simply to take in the beautiful surroundings of an amazing city.

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