Want a Truly Cultural Experience – Enter the Competition to Win a Trip to Madrid

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy getting something for nothing. With that in mind I am going to discuss why I would love to win a weekend break in Madrid and how you can actually do that just by watching a video and entering a competition.

So why would I love to win a break in Madrid more than anywhere else? Firstly, there’s the art and culture. Spain as a whole is famous for its flair for art and Madrid has the Art Walk, known locally as Paseo del Arte. This is where all art enthusiasts and painters come to marvel at some of the finest work of the Flemish, Spanish and Italian art schools. I am most interested, as a lifelong Diego Velázquez fan, in visiting the Prado Museum to check out his masterpiece Las Meninas up close and as personal as I will ever be able to see it.

Along with the arty side of the city, another thing that Madrid is particularly famous for that I would love to experience first-hand is the very sexy and enticing art of flamenco dancing. There is nowhere else in the world that you should ever watch flamenco dancing if you want a truly authentic experience. El Tablao is where I would go and I would enjoy a spot of dinner followed by some sweet and tasty churros and some rich chocolate sauce to dip them in. I imagine it would be a real feast for all the senses.
As well as the art and culture side of the city; Madrid also has a rich and long historical past. There are early manuscripts that cite the recorded existence of the city we now know as Madrid dating back to at least 865. During that year it is believed that Emir Muhammad I had put forward plans to have a fortress built, known in Arabic as Mayrit. This was the Iberian Peninsula’s central plain and where King Phillip the 2nd of Spain established his royal court and where the capital sits now.

There is also a rather perplexing, but interesting sight to be seen in Madrid and that is the Templo De Dabod in La Casa de Campo. This is an actual Egyptian funeral monument that was built in Egypt and painstakingly and laboriously brought piece by piece from Egypt to Spain and although it may seem strange to have something of Egyptian origin still standing in Spain, it fits perfectly in with the surrounding lush and scene countryside.

Just writing this makes me want to watch the following video and enter the Madrid competition myself. I would therefore like to take the opportunity to encourage all my readers to do just that and be sure to share it with everyone you know and love! A weekend break in Madrid is surely worth such little effort, is it not?

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