Visit the Stunning Amalfi Coast

Among the many beautiful and magical destinations in Italy, there are few that offer such dramatic landscapes as the Amalfi Coast. This quite spectacular stretch of coastline – a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site – is at once romantic and magnificent, and makes for a wonderful place to take a break. This is true picture-postcard territory, a stunning evocation of rural Italy that has been left as it was, and attracts many thousands of visitors every year.

With a typical Mediterranean climate – beautiful warm summers are guaranteed and winters are very mild – the Amalfi Coast is a perfect opportunity to get away from it all, and offers a combination of relaxation and cultural exploration, with plenty for all the family to enjoy. For a romantic break, few places in the world can match this genuine idyll, a place where couples can enjoy uninterrupted time alone in amazing surroundings.

Things to Do

One of the main attractions of the Amalfi Coast is its friendly and warm welcome; this is a place where you can go about your day unhindered, without the crowds of tourists you will find in some parts of Italy. It’s a relaxed pace of life and one where you will want to explore the many important historic buildings in the region.

The beautiful town of Amalfi, once the central focus of the area and from where it gets its name, features a stunning cathedral with a famous ad very important cloister, and is well worth a visit if you are staying in the region. There are many other very pretty towns along the Amalfi Coast; we recommend you visit Furore, a very pleasant town with a spectacular geographical feature known as the ‘Fjord’, or take a trip to Cetara, with its wonderful tower. These are just a couple of examples of the wonders of the Amalfi Coast, and there are many more.

Where to Stay

There are many places to stay when visiting the Amalfi Coast; you could choose a hotel or guest house in one of the pleasant and welcoming towns along the coast, although we recommend the freedom and comfort of one of the many Amalfi Coast villas that can be found in prime locations throughout the province. They provide the level of comfort you expect of a home from home without the restrictions of a traditional hotel, and you will find them in some of the most amazing locations along the coast.

Amalfi Coast villas tend to be luxurious affairs in spectacular spots; the rugged and steep coastline lends itself to astonishing views out across the sea, so you are guaranteed a wonderful welcome when you throw back the curtains on a beautiful sunny Italian morning. Or, you could spend an evening under the darkening sky, watching the sun set and the stars come out, far away from the rigours of daily life back home.

The Amalfi Coast is like that; it draws you in with an impression of being somewhere very special indeed, and it is somewhere very special. Your luxurious villa may have its own private pool, where you can bathe to your hearts delight any time of the day or night. Choose a villa in a hillside location and you will get the very best of the stunning views of the coast, as well as absolute seclusion, luxurious furnishings and the perfect place for a wonderful holiday.

Relaxing and Romantic

The Amalfi Coast is a fantastic place to spend time with a loved one, or a great choice for a luxury family holiday. It is also popular with wedding parties, for which any one of the many magnificent villas will make a perfect destination. The rich and unspoilt history of the region makes it a wise choice for those who simply want to wander around ancient towns and cities and enjoy the ambience, or for history buffs who like to learn about the places they visit.

Quiet yet invigorating, you will find many excellent restaurants serving both local and international dishes – given the location, seafood is a speciality – plus quaint cafes and bars nestled in ancient streets in the wonderful towns of the coastal region. There is something for everyone in this most compelling part of Italy, and it is easy to reach via Naples Airport, the most popular one for tourists.

Ferries are frequent from many destinations – you can also take boat excursions along the coast from a variety of places – and are perhaps the easiest method of getting to your Amalfi Coast villa. Once there, you will be in a place of true wonder, a quite glorious slice of Italian culture that is like no other. Check out the many Amalfi Coast villas and their amazing facilities, and book yourself a holiday in what has to be one of the most spectacular and beautiful places in Europe, if not the world. You will never forget the Amalfi Coast, for it leaves an impression like nowhere else.

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