Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Trip To New York


New York is arguably the one place above all others in the US where the most tourists visit. If you are planning a trip to the city that never sleeps, you might be overwhelmed by the sheer variety of attractions and things to do the city offers. To get the best out of your trip then, why not consider some of the tips and hints in this article.

Whittle Down and Shortlist

That is, whittle down and short list the places that you want to see more than others. There are plenty of things to see and do in New York, but way too much for one single trip. So, the best thing to do if it is your first visit, is spend a little time planning exactly where you want to go and figure out the places that have higher priority. That will help you to whittle down and make a more manageable shortlist of attractions.

Invest in a CityPASS

Another way to arrange a trip to arrange a trip to New York, is by investing in a CityPASS. A CityPASS gives you the option to pay for a ticket that covers your access to 6 New York CityPASS attractions. There are 3 pre-determined attractions and you then have the choice of a further 3. This gives you the chance to experience some of the main highlights of the city, while saving up to 50% on the admission fee if you were to book them all separately.

Take a Borough Approach

As New York is divided into 5 different boroughs, a great way to experience this well-travelled city could be to take on each of these boroughs on a different day of your trip. That way, you will be able to enjoy some of the interesting attractions of New York, based on their geographical position, rather than trying to scramble from one end of the city to the other in the same day, to get between sights.

Work out what is in each borough that you’d like to see. For instance, The Bronx is home to the New York Yankees stadium, as well as the Bronx Zoo, Wave Hill and Bronz Museum of the Arts. While Manhattan is where you want to be heading if you want to experience the over-the-top sights and sounds of the hectic Times Square and the beauty of Central Park.

If you’re feeling particularly brave and adventurous you could even plan a day travelling between all 5 of the boroughs for a true NYC experience.

Whether you take an off the beaten path approach to your trip to New York or want to have that New York experience that everyone seems to speak about, you’ll have an awesome time regardless. Make sure you immerse yourself in the experience, try the food, converse with the people and take lots of pictures. By following our tips above, your trip to New York will be a memorable one and may even encourage you to get out there again for a repeat visit.

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