The Resurgence of UK Staycations in 2018


If one were to wind back the clock a few decades, the vast majority of the UK opted to stay in the country when it came to summer vacation time.

Then, budget airlines entered the picture. To say that these transformed the travel landscape would be an understatement. The likes of the Costa del Sol suddenly became much more accessible – you could reach it in the space of a few hours door-to-door.

However, as is the case with a lot of trends, there appears to have been a full circle. In other words, holidaymakers are now bucking the trend and instead opting to stay in the UK. Bookings for the likes of hotels in Swansea, Bournemouth and Cardiff are higher than ever before and at the time of writing at least, this doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon.

Bearing this in mind, we will now take a look at some of the reasons behind this resurgence, to see if this trend really is here to stay or not.

The Brexit-factor

Like it or not, Brexit has hit the travel industry¬†already. Even though it’s not officially going to happen for some time, ever since the decision was made for the UK to exit the European Union there has been a major impact on currency.

It doesn’t just relate to the hard and fast correlation of the euro versus the pound, though. Studies have shown that people in the UK are spending less on their vacations and as such, it’s simply more cost effective to stay in their home country than venture abroad.

The dreaded luggage allowance

Budget airlines might have been all the rage when they first entered the runways, but now a lot of people are quick to pick faults with them. One of the main faults surrounds luggage allowances. In short, while a flight might seemingly cost a few pounds, once luggage is added to the equation costs can quickly spiral out of control. Particularly for a family who needs that cumbersome suitcase, the fees involved in putting this on a plane can sometimes make a trip abroad not worthwhile.

Suffice to say, the same problems don’t exist on home soil. Most of us will travel by car and while there can be obvious size restrictions here based on the model you have, you won’t be shelling out a small fortune just for the privilege of taking one item of baggage.

Pets have made the difference

This final point might be surprising, but it’s something that has taken the UK hotel market by storm. Some people just won’t venture out of the country as they can’t bear to be without their pet pooch. While it is possible, at the time of writing at least, to go to most countries in the EU through a pet passport, it’s not the easiest situation imaginable.

Staycations in the UK meanwhile generally overcome this factor. A lot of hotels have appreciated the need for Brits to bring their pets and subsequently allow them to stay with them. Sometimes there can be a surcharge, but this will be cheaper than other arrangements.

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