Take a Pick from Top Rated Tourist Destinations in 2018 in Asia

Asia, the world’s largest continent, has always fascinated the rest of the world with its history, topography and culture. Its home to the oldest civilizations which exist in continuity to this day, as well as countries with cities which show-off their futuristic architecture and ultra-modern lifestyle. Asia also boasts some of the top-rated tourist destinations in the world, and each of them offer an experience distinct from the other.

As a tourist, the multiplicity of options would simply leave you confounded when it comes to choosing the best tourist destinations to visit in Asia. In this blog, we tell you those tourist destinations which you should visit this year. Take a pick from top rated tourist destinations in 2018 in Asia and begin your preparations for visiting them.

Bali, Indonesia

The beauty of Bali in Indonesia can be defined in different ways, yet none of them would do it justice. It boasts incredible scenery with huge volcanoes surrounded by dense forests, wonderful beaches whose shores are covered with blue waters and skyscrapers dotted with imposing pagodas. There are several tourist centers to visit, incredible kitchens to try, several temples to explore and a variety of hotels. Wildlife watching is another immensely popular activity among tourists.

Things to do:

  • Visit the Tirta Empul Temple
  • Have a children’s day out at Waterbom
  • Sunbathe and relax at the Sanur Beach
  • Head to Jimbaran for a luxurious experience
  • Head to Kintamani for hiking and sightseeing

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok in Thailand blends the past and the present graciously. The capital of Thailand and also its most populous city, it comprises of ancient temples and modern shopping malls. You come across captivating sights such as the 150ft high golden Buddha statue, the world’s largest open-air market, fabulous temples and of course, the street food stalls serving delicious and spicy food.

Things to do:

  • Admire the magnificence of the Grand Palace
  • Visit the Wat Pho Temple with its 150ft Buddha statue
  • Enjoy shopping at the Chatuchak Weekend Market
  • Seek blessings at the 270ft Wat Arun Temple
  • Pay a trip to Jim Thompson House

Rajasthan, India

Rajasthan in India is one of the most visited places in Asia, thanks to its majestic palaces, colossal forts, fascinating sand-dunes, wonderful folk culture and so much more. Here, you can enjoy a camel safari, go boating on the beautiful lakes, explore the massive forts, enjoy the folk dance and music and try the various cuisines. Shopping is another enjoyable activity, along with wildlife safaris.

Things to do:

  • Explore the colossal Mehrangarh Fort
  • Enjoy a desert safari in Jaisalmer
  • Learn about camels at the Camel Breeding Farm at Bikaner
  • Watch the Kalbeliya Dance
  • Go boating at Lake Pichola
  • Witness the magnificence of Umaid Bhawan Palace


Singapore has been an absolute favorite when it comes to planning an international vacation. People who have been to Singapore often comment on its efficiency and cleanliness. What strikes you most is the perfect way in which a balance has been achieved between “nature and the city”. Its multi-cultural milieu has made it a land of different tastes and flavors. The city is home to various wonders which you may not know existed. In other words, it’s a bustling metropolis which keeps you entertained and fascinated throughout your stay.

Things to do:

  • Visit Gardens by the Bay: a jungle in the city
  • Take a walk around Marina Bay
  • Head to Sentosa (island resort) for unlimited fun and amusement
  • Get a glimpse of India at Little India
  • Witness art and culture at Asian Civilizations Museum

Beijing, China

Beijing should be on the top of your list when it comes to the top cities in Asia which you should visit. Having served as the capital of China for over 800 years, it brilliantly reflects the imperial past with the ultra-modern present. The city is home to bustling shopping centers, gorgeous monuments and some of the best markets in the world. From the Tiananmen Square to The Great Wall, Bejing gives you your money’s worth.

Things to do:

  • Climb the Great Wall (easier said than done)
  • Explore the Tiananmen Square (largest city square in the world)
  • Pay a visit to the Dirt Market and Silk Market
  • Witness the city’s historical side at Ming Tombs
  • Behold the wonders of Forbidden City

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia offers a little bit of everything. While the skyline is dominated with futuristic skyscrapers, the street corners appear alive all the time. The city’s cuisine is something to check out, as it reflects the influence of several cultures and influences. Although Chinatown is the main attraction, there are other places that give you your share of fun, adventure and delight.

Things to do:

  • Get lost in Chinatown
  • Witness the golden statue of Lord Murugan at Batu Caves
  • Hang out at the Petrona Towers
  • Spend time at the Botanical Gardens
  • See the colonial side of the city at Merdeka Square

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, one of the best cities in Asia, always seems to move at a crazy speed. The city is dotted with several monuments, urban parks and several historical sites. There are museums to check-out, lots of sushi to be tried and shopping to be enjoyed. While the city can be a bit expensive, it ensures that you get more than your money’s worth on your visit.

Things to do:

  • Visit the Tsukiji Market, the largest and oldest fish market in the world
  • Take a trip to Imperial Palace
  • Learn about Japan’s history at the Tokyo National Museum
  • Pay your respects at the Meji shrine
  • Happen to be a techie? Head to Akihabara

Siam Reap, Cambodia

One of the reasons Siam Rea is so popular with the tourists is the close proximity in which its located to the Angkor Wat Temple. Besides that, this town is a repository of history, and one can see much of that in its numerous temples. You find unique attractions here, an example of which are the floating villages.

Things to do:

  • Visit the Angkor Wat (largest Hindu temple in the world)
  • Spend some time at Beng Mealea (another fascinating temple)
  • Visit a floating village
  • Enjoy quad-biking in the countryside

Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei, in Taiwan, is famous for its street food, museums, shopping avenues, temples and so much more. There are lots of opportunities for adventure and sightseeing, while trying its interesting cuisines is another particular delight.

Things to do:

  • Experience history and culture at the Long Shan Temple
  • Hike to Mt. Kee Lung
  • Spend some time at the Golden Waterfall
  • Visit the Gold Ecological Park
  • Explore Tamsui Old Street

Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu, in Nepal, is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Asia. This city overflows with heritage, and is home to seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Overlooked by the majestic peak of the Himalayas, this cultural beauty is enveloped by spectacular natural beauty. One of the main attractions here, the Durbar Square, was severely damaged in the 2015 earthquake.

Things to do:

  • Visit the Pashupatinath Temple
  • Visit Boudhanath Stupa
  • Spend some time at the Durbar Square
  • Spend some time at Thamel



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