Say “I do”, Want To Have My Wedding In Tuscany

When you are in a serious relationship with someone there are plenty of big events, milestones but perhaps the biggest of these, apart from maybe the birth of your children, will be your wedding day.? This is why many people so much time, money and effort trying to fulfil every dream, fantasy or just vague idea they have about how their wedding should look, feel, smell, sound and taste.?

While it is true that weddings are more important to the female in a couple, if you are a man reading this you probably want to give the love of your life the best day possible.

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Although most people plan with a wedding on home soil in mind, maybe in a church or chapel that has a special place in their childhood; it doesn’t mean that this is your only option.? If you want to avoid many of the clichés and pitfalls associated with run of the mill weddings, you could decide to have one in a foreign country.? What could be better than marrying the man or woman of your dreams in a hot country with European countryside as the backdrop?

One of the best and truly unique places you should consider for your wedding abroad is Italy.? Italy is a great choice for having a wedding and there are many hotels in Tuscany that will give you that beautiful background and also serve as a gateway to real, Italian life.? Tuscany is famous for wine and beautiful greenery, but there is one place that you might not have heard of and that is Castelfalfi.

Castelfalfi is an ancient, 800 year old village that was virtually a ghost town until it had been brought back to life through intense renovation and reconstruction.? ? Along with the beautiful scenery and great golf courses, there is a truly spectacular hotel called Hotel LA Tabaccaia.

Hotel La Tobaccaia was once a tobacco factory because Castelfalfi used to grow and cultivate tobacco plants.? The restoration work on the hotel has kept the original structure intact, but with the comforts and hospitality of a modern hotel on the inside.? There are around 31 very luxurious and comfortable rooms and attractive suites with the wooden beams that run along the ceilings still visible along with the old bricks that have been discoloured by time.

If you chose to have your wedding at Hotel La Tobaccaia you and your guests would be made very welcome.? All guests are treated to a very expansive continental buffet breakfast and during the day you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.? There is also a bar which has a pre-dinner Happy Hour between 5 and 8 pm in the evening.

The most interesting part with regards to holding a wedding at the hotel is the 3 connectable meeting rooms which each sit 12 people, making the hotel the perfect venue for your wedding and wedding reception.? Although it is very different and perhaps more chaotic to plan than a simple wedding at the registry office in the town centre in England or at the local church, when people have their weddings as part of their Tuscany Holidays, they don’t have to pay for another honeymoon!


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