Private Jet Charters vs. Commercial Flights

If you have turned on the news lately or picked up a newspaper, then it is inevitable that you have heard about the worsening condition of commercial airline flights. The performance of the employees, the delays, the overcrowded flights; it is a mess that anyone would want to avoid. But you do not have to avoid air travel all together to stay away from commercial flights. Instead, consider the many advantages of a Santa Barbara jet charter. Here are a few of the reasons to try it.


More and more people are traveling with their pets these days, and if you are one of them then you know how difficult it can be. On a commercial flight, animals are often treated the same as your luggage. On a private jet charter though, you can bring your pet along with you and keep it at your side the entire flight. Some companies may require an additional deposit or cleaning fee, but it is small in comparison to the peace of mind you will feel having your pet with you.

Extra Luggage

When you are traveling with a group for a big sporting trip, then it makes more sense to hire a Santa Barbara jet charter that has tons more space for your personal belongings and sports equipment. Bring along your golf clubs, your skis and snowboards or anything else that is considered oversized on a commercial flight.


Everyone knows that commercial aircrafts do not have great food. If you want quality, fresh food served to you on your flight, a private jet is definitely the best way to go. You can order food before your flight from a local restaurant, or bring your own personal chef along with you. The options are almost endless, and you are sure to enjoy a delicious meal.

There are so many disadvantages to flying on a commercial airline that it is almost a no-brainer to switch to a Santa Barbara jet charter whenever you can. Enjoy increased flexibility, more free time and definitely more luxury on every flight.

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