Planning a Stress-Free Holiday

Whether you’re planning on going away on holiday solo, with your partner or friends or with your family, there is one thing you’re sure to want and that’s a stress-free getaway. Of course, there is one way to ensure your holiday runs smoothly and to reduce the stress (as much as possible) that comes with organising any trip, and this is to plan, plan, and plan some more. Problem is, there are just so many areas you’ll need to consider, and this can quickly start to feel daunting. However, if you follow this helpful guide, then you can be certain that at least some of the key factors are covered, leaving you nothing more taxing than packing to worry about.


Firstly, consider just how you will be traveling to and from your destination. Whether you’re traveling abroad or planning a staycation, it’s important that you travel as comfortably and directly as possible.

If you’re travelling by plane and you don’t live within easy distance of your chosen airport, then an early departure time might not be the easiest option for you. Research your travel options and find a flight operator that provides travel at more reasonable hours of the day, or if this isn’t an option, consider booking accommodation close to your hotel to enable you to get a good night’s sleep before you fly.

Booking seats before you go is essential, especially if you don’t want to be stuck in the seat next to a snorer. Whether you’re flying as a group or as a pair, if you want to ensure you’re sat with those you’re traveling with then booking seats in advance is a must. Likewise, if you have special dietary needs then it is vital that you let the travel operator know as soon as possible, especially on long haul flights, or else you risk being stuck on a plane for several hours with no suitable food options and no way of purchasing anything that you can actually eat.

Carefully plan your journey to and from the airport or ferry port, allowing for any delays due to traffic, especially on busy motorways in rush hour. Using online maps can help you to find the best route there and to estimate how much travel time you need to allow yourself.


Researching hotels can take up a lot of time, but it really has never been easier to find suitable accommodation for your holiday. Whereas thirty years ago you relied entirely on word of mouth and your travel agent to provide you with recommendations for hotels, today, there are hundreds of honest reviews posted all over the internet for all to see, from people who have actually visited. Simply type the name of the accommodation you’re considering into an internet search engine and these reviews will quickly appear on your screen.

Consider whether or not you want to source your own food and drink by exploring the local area, or whether you’d like to relax completely by booking a luxury all-inclusive deal. All inclusive deals are potentially one of the best ways of having a stress free holiday, as everything you need is done for you. From food to drink to all of those essential holiday activities, everything is included (even the flights!) which means no worrying about finding exciting things to do each day and no worrying about the expense. This makes all inclusive holidays the best option for those on a tight budget.


If you opt not to go down the all-inclusive option, then you’re going to want to make sure there are plenty of local activities to keep you and your travel companion(s) entertained throughout the duration of your trip.

Although your accommodation is likely to have plenty of suggestions and leaflets on this front, you cannot guarantee that this will be the case. Doing some careful research before you go means a huge weight off your mind, especially if you’re faced with that ever-awkward language barrier. Consider options that are suitable for everyone traveling in your group, and if you have any special requirements then alerting the company who organise the excursion or activity before you even leave the comfort of your own home will give you a good idea of whether or not they will be able to accommodate you. Be sure to get a proof of booking confirmation sent to you on paper or via email so that you avoid any confusion when you get there.

Follow these helpful guidelines and you can rest assured that your holiday will go swimmingly and be as stress-free as possible, leaving you to enjoy a little R&R – you deserve it!

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