Our Favorite Travel-Friendly Swimwear with CoolTan


We are always on the hunt for the the perfect travel-friendly swimwear but it can be a daunting task. You want something that will make you look amazing while also being comfortable, lightweight, quick-drying, and long-lasting. But most swimsuits on the market seem to either be super comfortable but not very flattering or they are super flattering but not comfortable at all which can get really frustrating. At the end of the day we want something that is travel-proof and would even let you get an amazing tan all at the same time. We thought this was impossible until we found the brand CoolTanⓇ and their TanThrough swimwear that make it easier than ever to get a perfect tan, right through your swimsuit.

The secret to CoolTan’s TanThrough swimwear is their specially knitted Microsol V fabric that creates millions of tiny pores to allow in approximately half of the sun’s rays. This is great at getting you an even, overall glow without having to worry about awkward tan lines. Their porous fabric also lets air and water pass through easily, keeping you cool and comfortable and drying up to 3x faster than normal swimsuits. This is a game changer for traveling, because there’s nothing worse than having to wait for your swimsuit to dry before you can pack it back in your bag. Plus, you will have a suit that will work for you, by getting you a great tan in no time at all, eliminating the need of bringing bulky tanning lotions on vacation with you.

CoolTan makes it easier than ever before to get a great tan when you’re traveling, you won’t have to worry about bringing sticky and streaky tanning lotions in your limited suitcase space.  Because you can tan right through your suit, achieving that summer glow can be as easy as walking along the beach, reading a book by the pool, or even soaking up the sun while out on your travels.

CoolTan has a variety of swimwear for both men and women including briefs, hipsters, and board shorts for men and everything from one-pieces to string bikinis for women. With a range of sizes, styles, and colors to choose from you’re guaranteed to find your new favorite travel-friendly swimwear on CoolTan’s website.

But CoolTan doesn’t just have swimwear, they also have a number of different TanThrough shirts. CoolTan knows that you can’t always be on the water or at the beach (as much as we wish that were true!) so they came up with a line of TanThrough shirts that allow you to get some color while playing golf, tennis, or traveling around the world. Plus, their shirts contain that same Microsol fabric that wicks moisture to keep you sweat-free and cool, making them a great choice to pack for your next trip.

For your next trip consider checking out CoolTan’s line of TanThrough swimwear and shirts, they’re extremely durable, lightweight, fast-drying, and travel-proof and we promise that you’ll love them!

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