Liverpool: An Unlikely Tourist Hotspot


When one thinks of UK tourism, it would be fair to say that a certain L-word steps into the mind. No, the title isn’t giving anything away yet; we’re now referring to London.

There’s no doubt that London is synonymous with UK tourism and it’s for good reason. It has some of the best attractions in the country, and receives over 19 million tourists¬†each and every year.

However, if you think that the UK tourism market stops there you are sadly mistaken. This is where we introduce the other ‘L’ of the UK, Liverpool.

For many visitors abroad, it’s quite often talked about in relation to football. Aside from this, it has plenty of other reasons to visit, with its very good value hotels¬†being part of this.

For the purposes of today, we are going to focus on what you can do as a tourist in Liverpool. Let’s now take a look at some of the best attractions that the city has to offer.

The home of The Beatles

As we have already alluded to, Liverpool is renowned for its football exploits. However, it also has a close association with music and namely, being the birthplace of The Beatles.

This is one of those cities where you really can delve into history of the band as well. The Cavern Club, where they first started playing, is available to visit, while you can also take a trip to 20 Forthlin Road which happens to be the old home of band member Paul McCartney, and 251 Menlow Avenue which was the house of John Lennon.

Tate Gallery

This next attraction might raise a few eyebrows, as most people associate the world-renowned Tate Gallery with London. This is of course true, but there is also a version in Liverpool.

Unofficially it’s classed as the “Tate of the North” and as well as having on loan works from the capital, it also has plenty of contemporary art of its own.

Liverpool Museum

This one might not contain the national-appeal that some of the other attractions have, but don’t discount the lure of Liverpool Museum. It’s only been open since 2011, but during that time it has attracted plenty of admirers and bears everything related to the city’s culture, history and geography.

For those who might have seen the movie The Titfield Thunderbolt, this happens to be where the Lion steam engine is housed as well.

Albert Dock

For architecture enthusiasts, let’s present our final suggestion. This comes in the form of Albert Dock, which was the first dock in the entire country to be constructed with just iron and bricks.

Nowadays, it obviously isn’t used for the cotton, tobacco and sugar manufacturing it historically was. Instead, it has been redeveloped for tourists and if we return to The Beatles theme, the Beatles Story Museum happens to be based there. The International Slavery Museum and Border Force National Museum are also located there and well worth a visit.

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