How To Hire A Campervan: A Guide For Newbies

One of the best ways of truly exploring the landmarks and beauty spots of a country is to travel around in a campervan.

An accommodation on wheels, campervans give you the freedom and flexibility to roam around the villages, towns, cities and countryside of any nation at the fraction of the cost of hotels and car hire.


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If you are planning “the” ultimate road trip in the United Kingdom, or, indeed, any other part of the world, this handy guide will walk you through the steps needed to hire a campervan for your holiday.

How long do you need to hire a campervan for?

Before you organise any campervan hire, the first step is to determine how long you will need the use of a campervan. I recommend that you time your campervan hire with some flexibility before and after the rental period.

For example, if you want to hire a campervan for two weeks starting and ending on a Friday, I would suggest hiring the campervan on Thursday and returning it on Saturday (instead of exactly two weeks afterwards).

Following that advice will give you time to organise what and who you are taking in your campervan with you, and ample time to remove your belongings and clean it out before you hand it back to the campervan hire company.

Age and driving licence restrictions

Once you have determined when you need the campervan for, the next step is to check whether there are any age and driving licence restrictions imposed by the campervan hire company that you want to use.

Many firms require that drivers have a full and clean driving licence and that they are at least 25 years old. If you are hiring in the UK, you will need to present both parts of your driving licence (just like you would if you were hiring a car).

For international campervan hire, you may also need to provide an international driving permit – not all countries require this though.

The right campervan for you

If you are going on a solo road trip, you could probably get away with hiring a small campervan seeing as you will be the only occupant in it. But if you have a family in tow, life could be very stressful and claustrophobic in such a small space so you will need to upgrade to a more appropriately-sized campervan.

For the ultimate in campervan luxury, you could always hire a Winnebago – but you will need to be comfortable with driving something the size of a small lorry!

On the subject of luxury, modern campervans come with most home comforts such as cooking facilities, toilets and even shower cubicles!

Given that campervans can get cold at night, you should check what kind of heating system comes with the campervan you want to hire.

Dave from Butler Technik says that many campervans have the same heating systems installed that boats use, which is obviously better than using a small halogen heater that only offers minimal heating.

I hope you have found this how-to guide useful, and that you have an awesome road trip adventure, wherever that may be!

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