How To Find Great Cruise Deals In 2014

If someone mentions the word “cruise” to you, what does that make you think of?? Most people would answer that they think of a no-expense spared and very luxurious trip on a fine cruise ship that travels to exotic destinations.? However, although those kinds of cruises are available, there are cheaper cruise deals 2014 available to suit people, like you and I, who have smaller budgets.? Though you need to know what to look for and that is what we aim to do with this post – show you some of the areas you should focus on if you are looking for an affordable cruise.

Consider The Cruise Length

You would think a shorter cruise would be much cheaper than a longer one.? This is not always true though.? Take as an example The Clyde and Argyll Lochs cruise which departs from Greenock, arriving back after 6 nights, and costs £3,150 per person; compared to the Springtime Gardens and Charms Cruise which leaves Avonmouth for 5 nights for £409 per person.? The Scottish located cruise is much shorter than the one leaving Avonmouth; however it is more expensive because it is on a 5 star luxury cruise liner.

Flexibility Equates To Cheaper Cruise Fares

You can save a lot of money off the price of cruise fares by being flexible in a variety of ways.? For instance, if you really want to go on a romantic cruise which involves Valentine’s Day, your cruise fare will be unavoidably pricey.? Other popular dates that sell out fast and mean that you may have to pay a premium rate for tickets are times of the year such as Easter, New Year and Christmas.? So a word of advice would be if you want to go on a cruise, but save money – consider other times of the year.

Travelling At Last Minute Can Result In Big Savings

In a similar way to hotels with empty rooms, a cruise ship that has 1 or more empty rooms means that some income is lost for the liner company.? This normally means that the closer to a cruise’s departure time, the more likely the cruise company will be to sell the empty cabins at a reduced price.? The goal is always to sell out the ship completely, even if it means selling cabins at dramatically low prices.

Cabins Inside Don’t Sell As Quickly And Are Cheaper

The most popular cabins on a ship are the outside ones, as these come in all sizes and shapes and often have balconies, that inside ones simply can’t accommodate.? If you are less interested in having that stunning view when you are in your cabin, remembering that you can walk about the ship once you are settled, you could save a great deal of money by opting for an inside one.

Consider Cruises On Older Ships

Instead of rushing to get onto one of the newest ships in a cruise liner’s fleet, you could save money by opting to travel on a more basic and older ship.? Although they won’t have all the latest features and additions, they are often still very pleasant to travel on.

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