Hidden Barcelona: Some Lesser Known Places You Should Visit

Millions of people travel to Barcelona throughout the year, so it can be hard to find places that aren’t overrun with tourists.? In the following post however, we have gathered up some of the places we recommend you visit if you intend on holidaying in holidaying in and around Barcelona. There are plenty of connections to Barcelona, so it is the perfect choice no matter where you are departing from.

Dine At Gr? cia

Up until 1897, Garcia was a completely separate village and not counted as part of Barcelona. Today though, it is seen as a barrio and has quite a different personality to the rest of the city and a diverse culture that includes everything from fashion stores to low-key, independent cinemas.? The one thing that makes Garcia a place worth visiting though, is its diverse range of restaurants that cover an incredible variety of cuisines from Catalan to Lebanese and everything in-between.? As tourists don’t frequent Garcia, it is much more affordable.

Bargain Hunt at Els Encant

Els Encants can often feel a little off-the-cuff and temporary; however the flea market has been held in the same place since the 14th century and is one of the oldest in Europe.? The place is full to bursting with all manner of stuff from clothing, antiques, furniture to DIY equipment, rare records and books.? Whether or not you think it is a gorgeous looking pile of junk or a treasure trove is a personal matter.

You can find the market in the north of Glòries square and is open 9 to 5 pm every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Explore El Raval

Many tourists tend to stay away from El Raval.? This is mainly due to the fact that it is very noisy and quite seedy.? However, if you are looking for a part of the city that shows you the real Barcelona, this is the part you should visit.? It is the culturally varied quarter of the city and you will find a mixture of students, old locals and migrants.? There is so much more than just the people though, with kebab shops, state of the art museums, trendy up-market shops, bars and theatres filling the streets.

Visit Can Masdeu

If you are keen to learn about a live a healthier and more eco-friendly lifestyle, then you should take the time to visit Can Masdeu, which can be found in Collserola Park, on the edge of the city.? The people there aim live defy the modern world’s problems related to speed, noise, smoke and money.? The place is especially good to visit on Sundays when it is open to the general public. You can take part in informative and motivational workshops focused on subjects such as permaculture, activism and ecology or spend time in its organic garden.

Berga and festival “La Patum”

Berga is the capital of the region called Bergueda in Catalonia, Spain. It is famous with its traditional festival of “La Patum” (around May – June). Make sure to check it if you are in Barcelona that time. There are some buses and according to the travel website GoEuro the whole journey shouldn’t take more than 2 hours. It is definitely worth it! This is a celebration that lasts five days every Corpus Christi feast. ? The name of the town comes from the Bergistani, an Iberian tribe that inhabited the area before the Roman Conquest. In the Middle Ages, Berga was ruled by viscounts and since 988 has had its own counts.

Take In Breath-taking Views of Barcelona from El Carmel

Right in the middle of the city, is a bunker that was designed and built in 1937 while the Spanish Civil War was in full swing.? Nowadays it is not only a piece of protected cultural heritage; it is also one of the best places to get a full 360 degree view of Barcelona.? You can see everything from El Carmel from the sea to the mountains.? The best thing is it’s completely free!

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