Funny Stories From The Road

While it is true that travelling at any age can result with some hilarious stories, the anecdotes below prove that it’s often seniors who have the most fun on the road.? One thing is for sure though, if you want to avoid anything truly stressful or traumatic happening to you when you are an older individual and thousands of miles away from home, you need to make sure that you have seniors travel insurance.

An American Senior Citizen In Paris

Harvey was an elderly and absentminded American who arrived at the immigration department of the French Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris.? He fumbled trying to find his passport when an official asked in a very aggressive tone “You have been to France before Monsieur, yes?”? Harvey just smiled at the man and admitted that yes, he had been to France in the past.? “Well, you should know enough from your last time in France that you should have your passport ready to be inspected when you arrive” barked the very bad tempered and rude French immigration officer.

Harvey looked at the gentleman and explained to him calmly that the last time he travelled to France he did not have to show any travel documents, including his passport.

“Pas possible, Old man” said the French official rudely.? “You Americans always have to show passports when you arrive in France” He was clearly getting even more aggressive.? But, Harvey just looked at the Frenchman for a few moments and said “I assure you, young man, that when I came ashore on Omaha Beach in Normandy on D-Day in the year 1944, that there was no stupid Frenchmen on the beach asking to see my passport!”

Take Care When Walking Near Water Looking At Your Mobile Phone

There was a recent story in the news about a Taiwanese woman on holiday walking along the St Kilda pier, close to Melbourne who fell into the chilly Port Phillip Bay waters because she was distracted by her Facebook feed.? A witness called the authorities for help and police rushed out on a speedboat to help the woman.? They found her 20 minutes after receiving the call, floating on the water around 20 metres or 65 ft. away from the pier.

It transpired that the reason she was floating on her back was that she couldn’t swim, according to a member of the Victoria state water police in an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.? Funnily enough, she still had her mobile phone in her hand and was holding it high above the water and was very apologetic.

The woman was taken to the local hospital for treatment, although suffered no real harm from the incident.? One of the chief policemen who attended to the woman said that people should take more care when they are using social media on their mobile phones and tablets, particularly when they are near or around water.

So there you have it, if you are at times are prone to being glued to your mobile screen, take care of your surroundings or you might have to use your travel insurance for something that is not only really dangerous, but also incredibly embarrassing.

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