Enjoy a Chilled Out Break in the Sun at the Grand Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort & Spa

When you think of Ibiza, what comes to mind? Before I read anything about The Palladium Palace hotel, I had images of young people partying all night at rave-style clubs. However, that is only one side to Ibiza. When you visit The Grand Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort & Spa, it seems as if you are introduced to the other side of the island; the side that has earned it the nickname – The Land of Relaxation.

Situated in Playa d’en Bossa, a part of Ibiza famed for its clear blue waters and stunning white sandy beaches, The Grand Palladium Palace is a mixture of both old and new. Old in the sense it sits well, without becoming an obstruction to the surround areas of natural beauty. New in the sense of it being a resort that has all the modern comforts you’d expect in this day and age.


Despite having 411 rooms, the building never feels particular big or intimidating when you are on the inside. In fact the spacious design and construction allows you to breathe more calmly than you would in a modern hotel that was less spacious.

With any resort there are a few basic things that everyone is interested in – the members of staff, the restaurants and food, and the facilities.

The management and other members of staff have built up a reputation of offering a service that is second to none. It seems to be their aim that anyone staying at the resort is well taken care of. They want you to feel like nothing is too much to ask, which I find very appealing.

The food sounds great because there is such a wide variety of choice, so you didn’t have to just eat English cuisine. There were some great Tex-Mex dishes which sound delicious.

If you like to vary the different activities you take part on during a holiday, staying at The Grand Palladium Palace, you will be able to do this. Some days you could venture out to the lovely beaches and catch some rays and tried one of the water sports available. Other days you can just stay within the resort and maybe spend an hour or three in the luxury gym.

Forget your thoughts and opinions on Ibiza as just a young person’s rave island, as The Grand Palladium Palace shows it has so much more to offer you.

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