Egypt Holidays: 3 Destinations To Consider

For ages, visitors have flocked Egypt and the reason for that is simple, there is actually nowhere else like it. Think of pyramids rising out of the desert, feluccas drifting down the Nile, bustling bazaars and the miles of golden sandy beaches, those are some of the stunning images you will come across when on holiday in Egypt. Here are top destinations to consider, thanks to Tom at Cyplon for the recommendations:


Cairo is one of the oldest cities in the world and is Africa’s largest and most populated cities. It is fascinating with its Islamic architecture, bustling bazaars, restaurants, restaurants, museums and ancient monuments. It plays host to most visitors travelling to Egypt as it often acts as an entry point.

Plenty of places in Cairo feel like time stopped at a particular moment long ago. Down by the Nile, traditional boats drift by as if nothing’s changed in centuries. The bazaars are sell products like perfumes, spices and precious metals in rag-tag cloth roof in front of yellow stone buildings just like long ago and the Christian churches, Muslim monuments and stunning Egyptian antiques draw you back to the ancient kingdom.

Cairo is a great base for exploring the Great Pyramids towering over the deserts in Giza. It is the place of the most impressive ancient monuments in the world.


Mount Sinai lies in the Sinai Peninsula and it is also known as Jebel Musa, which means the Mountain of Moses. Mount Sinai rises to 2285 meters high and it is significant in the Judaism, Christian and Muslim religions as the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments.

For those seeking an adventurous holiday in Egypt, this is an ideal destination to consider. There are two routes to ascend the mountain; one side is less steep and is ideal to walk or hike up the mountain while the other is steep and challenging with 3750 steps.? The terrain is rugged and covered with pebbles and rocks and you may need a Bedouin guide to help you ascend. After a treacherous 2 to 4 hours ascend, the views of the valleys below and the desert landscapes are rewarding. From here you can explore the nearby region of St Catherine.


It is hard to imagine that the bustling seaside resort was once just a tiny fishing village. It has moved on to become a major touristic resort along the Red Sea and claims the title of the Capital of the Red Sea Riviera.

Hurghada’s main attraction is the diving and snorkeling in the Red Sea. The warm waters in the sea allow attract rare marine species and coral reefs which offer a paradise for divers; however those who cannot dive can view the underwater through glass bottom boats. It is a hub for other aquatic sports such as surfing, sailing, deep sea fishing and swimming.

This region offers some of the finest holiday accommodations along the Red Sea, usually offering warm and efficient services. It is also popular for its vibrant nightlife. Locals as well as visitors agree that life begins at night in Hurghada.


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