Don’t Let the Waiting Time in Airports and Bus Stations Get to You

Travelling the world isn’t just about seeing amazing places and opening your mind to fascinating new cultures.

As much as you love to travel, you will soon? realize that it also involves a lot of time doing rather boring stuff like sitting? around waiting for plans and buses. This is a necessary part of the whole travel experience and if you want to enjoy your trips as much as possible then here are a few ways to do avoid these slow moments getting to you down too much.

People Watch

People watching is one of the great delights of travelling and it doesn’t have to be limited to plazas and cafes. If you are in a big, international airport you are sure to be surrounded by people from all over the planet rushing around the place. Foreign bus stations can be even more exciting, as you see the locals going about their business. You can learn a lot about a country just by sitting in one of the bus stations there and watching what goes on around you. Ideally, there will be a restaurant or comfortable waiting area where you can sit down and enjoy watching the action from. This is all great fun but of course you should learn how to do it without other people really noticing. While people watching is an accepted part of many cultures it is frowned upon in some other parts of the world.

Take a Good Book

Even if you aren’t normally a big book reader you will find plenty of opportunities to get

reading on your travels. Evenings in the hotel can be greatly enhanced by doing this, as can those long waits in the airport and bus station. Make sure that you always have a good book to hand and you will never have to feel bored again on your travels. If you are on a long trip to a country where English books are hard to find you should ensure that you never let a book exchange in a hotel or hostel pass you by without making a swap. Some people prefer magazines or newspapers but a good book will give you a lot more hours of entertainment if you can get into the habit of reading them.

Go Online for Games

The internet is also a fantastic option for relaxing in this kind of place and keeping your mind active. Many airports off free Wi-Fi access while others charge for it. In either case, it can turn out to be a fantastic way to stay sane, especially if your departure gets delayed by a considerable length of time.? Playing games such as bingo, roulette and slots game offers a great way to escape from the dull atmosphere in airports and bus stations. The internet offers lots of opportunities for doing interesting stuff and if you click here you will find some terrific games to help you pass the time while you carry out the odd wager.

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