Do You Put Yourself In Danger On Holiday?



When you go on holiday, it is nice to enjoy a period of time free from the normal responsibilities you have back home.? This is part of the reason people go on holiday in the first place – to get away from normality for a period of time.? However, while it is good to unwind and take a more casual approach to life, it can lead to problems and dangers if you treat a holiday as an excuse to be a completely different to the one you are back home.

A recent survey carried out by the company My Voucher Codes, revealed some startling facts about the potentially dangerous things people do on holiday that they would never do on a normal day to day basis.? These ranged from drinking too much and not looking after their belongings to trusting strangers too easily and having unprotected sex.? Although many people do these things and come back home safely, there are always the horror stories you hear about.

This is why in the following post we will look at some of the things you can do to avoid putting yourself at risk.? You need to in all situations ask yourself “Would I do the same thing if I wasn’t on holiday?”

Trusting Strangers Too Easily

Generally, the level of trust we have for people is based on what we know about them.? Therefore, when dealing with strangers, you would normally treat them cautiously until they gave them reason to trust them.? Which is why it is interesting that so many people, as recorded by the survey mentioned at the outset, suggested that on holiday they trust strangers more than back home.

A total of 43% of the 2,500 18 years and older people interviewed, answered just that.? While it is all well and good to not judge other human beings too harshly, there has to be some kind of balance.? Especially when you are in a foreign country, where English may not be the primary language used.? Just as there are unscrupulous people back home in Britain, there are too in whichever country you decide to holiday.

Failing To Look After Personal Belongings Well Enough

Most of us are proud of the things we own and possess.? We work hard to buy our personal belongings and do all we can to look after them to the best of our ability.? However, on holiday, for some reason this careful attitude seems to disappear.? It’s no wonder that the second most chosen answer given to the question in the survey was that they do not look after personal belongings as well as they do at home when on holiday.

It seems to go hand in hand with the laid-back attitude people adopt on holiday.? However, if you are already paying a lot on flights, accommodation, spending money and of course, insurance; it should be common sense that looking after your personal belongings should be high on the list of things you should do abroad.? When people don’t, this is when thieves prosper and if your belongings aren’t stolen, they may end up damaged or broken beyond repair which is a waste of money as well as being upsetting.

It is important to remember that when the holiday is over, you have to get back to normal life, so although you will want to enjoy it – don’t do anything to cause long-lasting problems.

You can see the survey results and original article here? –—44-of-Brits-have-put-themselves-in-potentially-dangerous-situations.html

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