Budget Friendly New York Adventure Tips

New York City is one of those destinations that we all must visit at least once in our lives. If we’re not lucky enough to live there, then it is usually on most people’s bucket lists. There is something about the electric atmosphere in this vibrant city that draws people to it. The flights to New York can be a little on the expensive side depending on your location. However, when you’ve paid the main outlay, you can experience New York as a budget traveler if you try. Here are a few inspirational ways to get you started.

Check for the cheapest flights

Paying for the cost of your flights will be your first big budget breaker. Flights to New York aren’t always cheap. Depending on which time of year you plan to travel, there are sometimes deals to be found. Try subscribing to the newsletters for various travel websites and flight providers. You will sometimes get lucky and spot a reduced rate all inclusive deal that will include various essentials. Booking your flights in advance can also save you money. This works well if you can plan your trip to a tight itinerary and are certain that the dates work for you.

Do your research on the cheapest NYC accommodation

Apartments in NYC are one of the cheapest options when it comes to accommodation. If you stay in an apartment rather than a hotel, you can often work to your budget. You can decide what and where to eat. You’ll also be able to experience exactly what it is like to live in New York City yourself! What better way to get a true New Yorker’s experience?

Where to eat in New York?

If you are going to be eating out a lot, then you don’t need to limit yourself to restaurants. There are plenty of cheaper delis. Grab a slice of pizza on the go! New York is also full of street food sellers. There are hundreds of pop up carts selling bagels, corn dogs and worldwide dishes. Buy from here and take your food to a quiet spot to eat it. This saves tipping in expensive restaurants and paying over the odds for your food. By all means treat yourself to a meal out from time to time though!

NYC shopping without breaking the bank

Shopping in NYC can get out of control. With so many amazing stores selling items that you can’t find in your country, it is tempting to splash out. However, if you are on a budget then why not try visiting the local thrift stores and markets? You could try boutique type stores that are a little more off the beaten track.



Free things to do in the big apple

If you are looking for free things to do, then here are just a few to get you started:

Central Park – go for a walk or a run around this beautiful location.

City Hall – Look around one of the most talked about locations.

New York Public Library – Situated just East of Times Square this is a free place to take in some sights.

There are lots more, so find your perfect match and get exploring the city!

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