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We all like to keep an eye on the weather, and that’s why we see weather forecasts on the television and in the daily press. Perhaps you want to know if a certain day is going to be warm and dry, or you need a daily forecast for the journey to work or a longer trip? The problem is, by its very nature, weather forecasting can be a bit hit and miss; many times we’ve set out expecting a day to be fine, yet it turns out to be a wash-out. What if there was a weather app you could download to your android or iPhone device that provided accurate weather information both in real time and for the future?

There is: it’s called WeatherBug and, what’s more, it’s free! WeatherBug has many thousands of satisfied users already, and this is no surprise as it provides a wealth of extremely useful information that can be used in many different ways. For temperature indication, you can choose which scale to use, and you can access the temperature right now, as it is where you are, or in one of millions of locations across the world.

WeatherBug uses a network of weather stations – the biggest on the world and all professional – to gather the information it uses, and can provide you with information on the following and more: Temperature, pressure, rainfall, and pollen count. It can also give you advance warning of lightning storms and hurricanes, and is used widely by people who need such information to protect their homes. It is undoubtedly the best temperature app for Android phones and tablets, and if you check it out you will see that it has many satisfied customers who have given it rave reviews.

One of the most interesting features on WeatherBug is that it can be linked to your home smart thermostat. This means you can use current temperature information to control how your heating system run, and to improve considerably on your energy efficiency. This means saving money in the long run, and all with a free app! As the best temperature app for iPhone you can access the information in real time wherever you are, and see what the weather is going to be like for your journey to and from work or where you are going on your vacation.

With WeatherBug, you can customize your app to give you information that is relevant to you specifically. You also get access to 18 animated maps offering information on all areas of the weather, including live Doppler radar returns for accurate assessment, so that you can see exactly what is going on where you need to be in real-time. This versatile and impressive app also includes live travel information, giving you even more accuracy. Check out this free app right away and download it to your Android or iPhone, and see how it make your life much easier for no cost at all. You have nothing to lose when you get WeatherBug.

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