6 Helpful Tips for a Hassle and Stress Free Family Camping Experience

A family camping trip, when prepared for properly, can be one of the most relaxing and satisfying ways to spend time with the people you love.? The preparation part is important, as anyone who has experienced a badly prepared family camping holiday will tell you.? If you are thinking about taking the family away on a camping trip, but the idea of packing and unpacking all that gear and extra stuff you feel you need to bring, you will hopefully find the following article very useful. It might even be worth popping over to Family Travel Guide for some more ideas.

In order to make things easier, we have compiled a guide to making camping trips as hassle-free as possible.

Choose a Campsite Close To Home

In the UK especially, you don’t need to go very far to feel removed from the hustle and bustle of busy modern living.? If it is your first time camping with the family, choose a campsite that is closer rather than further away from home.? That way, you will feel less stressed because if anything goes wrong you know you are only 15 minutes away from home.

Take Short Trips

As longer camping trips require even more packing and planning, it is much easier to take shorter trips.? You and your family will still have a wonderful experience, even if you are only spending a couple of nights under the stars.

Pack As Lightly As Possible

The best part of camping is getting away from normal living and enjoying a much simpler life, with much less stuff.? Even if you forget something when you are already out in wilderness, try not to worry because if you are only away for a couple of nights, you can probably survive ok without it.? There are plenty of checklists online that you can use and adapt to your own circumstances.

With food for instance, take one dish meals that require next to no cleaning.? Pre-make dinners at home that can be heated up on your stove and take things like beans, sausages, pancake batter and don’t forget the marshmallows!

Bring a First Aid Kit

Invest in a first aid kit, or if you already have one, make sure it is well stocked and in your car boot before you head off.? This way you won’t need to worry about any minor accidents or injuries that may occur during your time away.

Give Everyone Jobs

You should consider delegating certain jobs to the members of your family who are going camping with you, even the kids.? Give them all a small list of things they should bring and a backpack.? Whether they get it right or wrong, it will be a learning experience and will help them to feel more involved in the holiday as a whole and you will have less to worry about.

Be Strict With Yourself Deciding What You Aren’t Going To Pack

Think carefully and be ruthless when it comes to deciding things you will be able to do without for a few days.? Are pajamas really essential (perhaps if you are heading to Scotland or it’s during the autumn, winter or early spring you might need them)?? And although eggs and breakfast on toast would be a marvelous breakfast to have, but it’s not a hotel.

Remember, the whole point of going camping is to have an escape from modern living and to return to a simpler way of life.? The last thing on your mind when you are camping in the great outdoors of this beautiful country is ensuring that you have a wide selection of outfits and jam-packed make-up bag.

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