6 Awesome Things to Do in 4 Day Trip to Dubai


Dubai is a popular hotspot among tourists and travelers. It has everything from lavish dining spots to tall buildings, adventurous indoor and outdoor activities and much more, which one could not imagine. It is the world of possibilities.  If you have planned for 4 days tour package to Dubai, you can indulge in several interesting things during the trip. Here are some suggestions that you can consider.

Desert Safari

Desert Safari in a vehicle like Hummer will make you feel awestruck. You can go around the gorgeous deserts in a fast mode. It is truly an adventurous ride that you would never forget in your lifetime. The monstrous Hummer takes you all around the panoramic and exciting Dubai deserts to give that adventurous feel. Enjoy Shisha, Arabic delicious dinner, camelback ride, henna designing, belly dance shows and sand boarding after the mind-blowing ride.

Visit Ferrari World

Ferrari World is the popular and branded theme park in Dubai. Having the largest space frame construction, it houses several adventures like The Flying Aces, The Formula Rossa, The Turbo Track, The Mamma Rosella, The Junior Grand Prix, The Ferrari Store, The Karting Academy and much more. It has everything from the world’s fastest roller coaster to the planet’s highest loop making you turn and twist upside down. Each of the rides is fantastic and gives you the real thrilling experience.

Dhow Cruise

Dhow cruises or dinner cruises in Dubai are popular and it is a must thing to do on your Dubai trip. After all these adventurous rides, traveling on a peaceful cruise makes you feel like living on another planet. Dhow cruises include lavish delicious dinner, live music shows, witnessing breath-taking buildings and much more. It exceeds the other activities with its amazing vibes, entertainment, and ambiance.

Dubai City Tour

Dubai City Tour is one of the must things to do on your trip. You can explore the adventurous thrills and wonderful landscapes all around the city. Some popular stops are the luxurious Burj Al Arab, exotic Palm Island, authentic Dubai Museum, magnificent Jumeirah Mosque, gorgeous Al Fahidi Fort, and much more. You will be taken through popular skyscrapers, famous Dubai fountains, amazing photo perfect destinations and largest malls to witness the city of surprises.

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is the first and top indoor ski resort in the Middle East region. A large area is completely set up with a gorgeous mountain theme. It is located inside the Mall of the Emirates – a gigantic shopping mall. The Ski Resort is spread about 22,500 square meters. It is open all throughout the year with five runs suiting different kinds of expertise. It is an amazing experience to sip a hot coffee in a snow themed restaurant within the Ski Dubai.

Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo are said to be the largest aquarium in the world. You can see a gigantic crocodile living here in peace. It is one of the popular attractions in this underwater zoo. It is situated inside the Dubai Mall and home to a particular collection of animal species and cryptic Cephalopods in Kraken’s Lair. It is included in majority of itineraries planned by people from various parts of the world.

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