5 Best Methods to Keep Your Money Safe When Traveling



Are you eagerly counting down the days, hours, and minutes to your next vacation? After a year of hard work, you definitely deserve a few days of relaxation and fun. Regardless of how excited you are to take your next trip, it is always crucial that you plan wisely and always remember to take lots of precautions. Nothing can ruin your mood and your trip faster than losing your cash while travelling. Pickpocket’s love targeting tourists and if you’re careless with your wallet or purse, someone could swipe your money from right under your nose.

First lesson, do not make yourself an easy target. Here are a few simple ways to keep your money safe when traveling:

1. Limit Credit and Cash, Use a Prepaid Card

Using traditional credit card and cash as your primary method of payment on a vacation can be highly dangerous. Credit card users may encounter a much greater temptation to overspend and if someone steals your credit card, this can eventually lead to deferred damage such as credit card fraud. Cash is not an optimal choice either, and if you drop your wallet or if someone steals your money, you can lose all of your vacation funds.

Do a little research and check to see what form of payment is primarily accepted at your destination. Visit your Visa prepaid card official website and view its country acceptance map to help in your research.

2. Use the Multi-Stash Method

Should you find the need to rely on cash, we highly suggest that you never carry all of it in your wallet. Instead, split it up and hide various amounts in different locations to reduce the impact of theft. For example, you might keep a small amount of cash in your wallet, and hide the remaining funds in a shoe or sock inside your suitcase. We also suggest that you can keep money inside the hotel room safe, if one is available.

Furthermore, do not leave cash, debit or credit cards lying around your hotel room. Theft doesn’t only occur outside the hotel, hotel workers have access to your room as well, and if your room door is accidentally left unlocked, other hotel guests can enter and steal your belongings.

In all likelihood, there are ATM machines near your hotel or resort, which alleviates the need to withdraw all of your vacation money at once. The bank is the safest place for your vacation cash, and you should only withdraw cash when you need to.

3. Avoid Secluded ATMs

Secluded ATMs can be dangerous, as any machine that isn’t visible from the street or nearby locations can provide anyone with the right set of circumstances to steal your money. Use ATM machines located inside your hotel or near busy areas and plan your ATM visits wisely. Do not visit ATM machines at night or in the early morning hours.

4. Keep Cash Out of Sight, Preload your Prepaid Card

While it’s fun to let loose on vacation, you must always remain aware of the surroundings and people around you. Whether you’re shopping, going on an excursion, or dining at a restaurant, never flash large sums of cash in front of other people, as this can be detrimental and draw the wrong kind of attention. Preload your prepaid card with your desired spending amount before heading out.

5. Use a Money Belt

It doesn’t matter whether you plan to use cash, credit or Visa prepaid cards, there is no safer place for funds than on your body. A money belt is a very useful travel buddy that greatly reduces the risk of theft. These money belts have a fabric zipped pouch, and they fit comfortably across your waist or stomach without being visible. It is advisable that you position the belt on your body before getting dressed, and then place your clothes over the belt. This is not only the perfect place for your cards and cash, but also for your passport or driver’s license. Simply zip the pouch and your personal belongings are safe from pickpockets.

Final Word

The way you handle your money while you are enjoying your vacation can either increase or decrease your risk of theft. Thieves bet on the fact that tourists will let their guard down during their vacation, and for those who do, they are ready to sweep in and grab the cash. Carry as little cash as possible or use a Visa prepaid card instead of credit cards, and regularly monitor your account online.

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