4 Fantastic Family Holiday Ideas For 2014

Have your children been pestering you all year about where they would like to go for their annual holiday? They usually do and with the summer approaching, the intensity of the barrage increases. Each member of the family will have a different idea of what a perfect vacation is, so it is up to you to do your research and come up with a compromise that will keep everyone happy.

Reaching the decision is no mean feat. The world is a big place, and there is much to do out there. How to invest the family savings best is a tough decision.

Luckily, you have stumbled across this, an article dedicated to such a problem as yours. You will find some great ideas here for perfect family holidays that are guaranteed to please every member of your clan. Read on and become enlightened, this is going to change your life as you know it.


My family know little of my worldly exploits before becoming husband and father. I have danced naked with Balinese maidens at midnight, I have faced the fires of Kilauea, the greatest volcano in the world, during one particularly drunken evening. I have bathed the sores of lepers on Culion island. But I have never enjoyed anything more than my time in Jamaica. This magical island has much to offer the whole family. For those who enjoy relaxing on the beach, the beautiful sands and crystal clear waters of the Atlantic are second to none. Visit the Bob Marley museum, where he once lived and recorded. Swim with dolphins At Dolphin Cove, where admission is under twenty pounds, or a stingray at James Bond Beach; cool. For adventure, a quad biking experience is sure to satisfy. Of course, there are hundreds of beachfront bars awaiting your custom in this relaxed country where the locals are always glad to see you.

Val d’isere

Have you all learned how to ski yet? Hire one of the luxurious chalets in Val D’Isere and live in the snowy lap of luxury before hitting the slopes at your leisure. There is tuition for the complete novice, slopes for beginners and experienced alike, and off piste adventures for the expert. I have found the quality of the off piste landscape to be the among best and most dangerous in the world. Val d’isere never stops calling to me.

Orlando, Florida

Theme parks are sure to satisfy the desires of a normal family. Nowhere on Earth are there rides to equal those found in Orlando. Walt Disney World, Florida, is the most famous and desirable pace for children to visit in the world. Within, there are many places to go.

  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom

  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios

  • Disney’s Water Parks

  • Magic kingdom

To name but a few. Treat your family to a once in a lifetime trip this year.


Your family will get a great experience by building their own log raft and setting off down the Klaralven river. Camp on the river banks at night and enjoy the peacefulness of God’s great country. It is a far cry from when I needed to travel this way, to survive after an Alaskan plane crash, but we will talk about that another time. All in all, this is one of the best experiences a family can have.

There is sure to be something in the above paragraphs that you will take away and think about. The pound is strong at the moment, and we are getting a good deal on currency exchanges, so we are getting more bang for our buck and the reasons for holidaying at home are diminishing. Head off to your own paradise, wherever it may be. Wuasleglla!



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