3 Rugged & Spectacular Off-Road Holidays in the UK



It’s the time of year when heading to the UK for a spot of spectacular off-roading or general sightseeing is a brilliant idea. This is especially true if you like your off-roading to be rugged and challenging. Alternatively, the UK also offers plenty of more peaceful off-road opportunities to take in the sweeping landscapes.

The UK is famous for its dodgy weather, but this doesn’t detract from what the country has to offer on a cultural and aesthetic level. The likes of the Lake District, Cornwall, Yorkshire, and Devon offer some of the most scenic views you’re ever likely to see, all with the added bonus you can drive around most areas as well as a local town or city never being far away. So where should you head?

  1. The Lake District

Ah, the Lake District! It’s one of the most spectacular areas in the UK and offers 2,362km of stunning landscapes. It’s situated in Cumbria in the North West of England and you can find its highest point at Scafell Pike. You can’t drive anything up there, of course, but you can walk on up it to enjoy a sweeping panorama at 978m above sea level.

If you’re travelling up to the lakes, or heading anywhere in your car, 4×4, or SUV, you may want to make a switch to fresh times for this chilly time of year. You can use mobile tyre fitters to keep costs down as with fresh tyres you’ll have the best vehicle performance and you’ll be able to take on all that mud and grit which the English countryside will throw at you.

Lonely Planet’s guide to the Lake District offers a brilliant look at what’s available to you in this magnificent location.

  1. Devon

Devon is an oddity in England – it’s one of the most beautiful locations in the world and features incredible countryside AND amazing beaches. During the summer these do look quite stunning, although the water isn’t exactly warm!

The real grist of Devon is the mix of this sweeping landscapes alongside the beaches and wonderful architecture. So in one holiday you can mix culture alongside off-roading and taking in the incredible history of the location – a certain Steven Spielberg once visited and was left gobsmacked by the region, such is its ability to amaze even the world’s leading directors.

The Devon Guide website is a brilliant place to turn to for a look at what it dubs to be the “archetypal British holiday”. This is exactly what Devon is, but it’s also a thoroughly thrilling opportunity to head out into the wilderness and enjoy yourself. You can visit the Trax and Trails site for an insight into the areas in Devon and Cornwall where you can head to get your adrenaline fix.

  1. Rivington

Where? One of the little-known gems in the UK is the quiet region known as Rivington, which is essentially in Greater Manchester and close to towns such as Bolton and cities such as Preston and Manchester. It’s a natural haven for rambling enthusiasts, with Rivington Pike being the central tourist destination and offering some pretty incredible views which showcase Blackpool Pleasure Beach in the distance and even the Welsh hills.

Brilliantly, you can go for an all-out off-road experience of driving a 4×4 up parts of Rivington Pike, which is a seriously enjoyable and thrilling task.

Alternatively, you can simply walk on up and take in the views as you go. Then, once you’re done, it’s a short drive to local towns such as Chorley and Bolton, or you could stay in the vibrant city of Manchester which is barely a 30 minute drive away.

You can check out this guide to Rivington to see what’s in store for you and why you should consider this destination over many others touted as the best in the UK.

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