3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using a Baby Bottle Warmer While Travelling


While mothers get pretty concerned about their baby’s screams in the middle of the night due to hunger in the fear that they might wake the entire household up in, most of them tend to prepare formula milk quite hurriedly in the hopes to put the baby back to sleep with content without paying heed to hygiene or other necessary handling techniques.

Heating the feeding bottle on the stove might be pretty inconvenient for both the mother and the child since the milk can lose its nutrients and break apart. Also, heating expressed breast milk in the microwave oven has its cons – it not only loses its nutrients such as Vitamin C and changes composition, its anti-infective and protective properties might also get affected and altered.

Breast milk is very important to build your new-born baby’s immunity, and formula milk is also recommended as an adjuvant after 6 months of age. Due to the aforementioned concerns, baby bottle warmers are highly recommended. Mentioned below are 3 reasons why you should considering getting the best bottle warmer for your child.


Electronic baby bottle warmers come with alarms that set off when the milk is heated appropriately. Maintenance of constant warm temperature is necessary and is thus, preferred over room temperature. Most mothers tend to their child’s needs by reheating formula milk that has been put aside for hours. Fresh, warm milk is recommended since you never know how many germs could have settled inside the bottle.

Some of the best bottle warmers also come equipped with a safe steam indicator feature that tends to monitor, and thus adjust the steam level in order to keep it adequately hot, and thus, prevent the milk from losing its nutrients.


The best bottle warmers not only come equipped with an adjustable dial timer and safe steam indicator level, but they also have an automatic shut-off feature as well which comes in handy when you’re not nearby to tend to the warmer and shut it off manually. Also, the adjustable dial timer can be altered precisely in accordance to your temperature requirements. The bottle warmers tend to be extremely time efficient due to the fact that you wouldn’t have to repeatedly check the stove or microwave oven to optimally adjust the temperature.

Another best thing regarding baby bottle warmers is that they warm the milk consistently and throughout the entirety of the formula. With microwave ovens, heating can be an issue since there might be parts which would be left behind from being adequately heated.


Did we mention that most baby bottle warmers are pretty convenient to use due to that fact that they are portable and easy to handle? If you’re planning to go out on a vacation or even outdoors with your baby, you wouldn’t have to worry about giving your child’s feeding time or giving him/her pre-heated milk.

Some of the best bottle warmers come equipped with an adjustable and re-usable warmer pouch that comes in handy to heat the milk. On the other hand, your car’s battery is an optimal energy source as well, and most travel models recommend heating the milk through it. Just make sure that the formula milk is fully mixed with the right amount of water before warming.

Paying close attention to your baby’s health is necessary or you would have to encounter diarrhea, irritability and wailing sirens frequently. Babies tend to suffer from stomach aches if the formula milk or expressed breast milk isn’t warmed adequately.

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